Trade-in with peace of mind at Park Shore BMW

At Park Shore BMW, we make car buying easy by facilitating your new vehicle purchase (including your trade-in) under one roof, in less than one hour.

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Selling your car privately involves advertising your personal phone number, and eventually your home or business address for viewings. This personal information is subject to viewing by an infinite number of people online. For some people, this may not be an issue. For others that take their privacy seriously, posting personal information online and having multiple unknown people visit their home can be concerning. When you trade-in your vehicle at our dealership, you are providing your personal information to a business that is licensed by the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC and held to the highest privacy standards.

Tax Savings

When you sell your car privately, the buyer simply writes you a cheque for the agreed sale price (let's use $30,000 for an example). You now have $30,000 in your hands to apply towards your new vehicle purchase. When you trade in your vehicle at a car dealership, the value of the trade-in is deducted from the selling price of the new vehicle and you only pay tax on the difference. For example, if you purchase a new car for $50,000 and the dealership gives you $30,000 credit for your trade-in, you pay tax on $20,000 only. In this example, a $30,000 trade-in value will save you 12% of $30,000 = $3,600.

Paperwork Handling  

Selling your car privately means you need to take care of all the paperwork yourself, including the sale contract, registration, and ownership transfer forms. If you still owe money on your vehicle, you would also need to make sure that you pay any outstanding amount owing on the loan to the financial institution holding the lien. To complete these tasks, you'll need to make a couple trips to the bank and whichever insurance office that the new buyer chooses. When you trade-in your vehicle at a car dealership, an experienced automotive Finance Manager will complete his/her paperwork on behalf of the customer. Park Shore BMW has insurance agents on-site to provide an added convenience to the new owner.

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